LIBERO CS (Box of 40)
LIBERO CS (Box of 40)
LIBERO CS (Box of 40)
LIBERO CS (Box of 40)

LIBERO CS (Box of 40)


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  • Comes in Box of 40
  • Simplifies Shipment Process for Products with known Stability Data
  • Create Temperature Profiles for Individual Products
  • No need to keep different Loggers in Stock
  • No Equipment or Software needed
  • Simply Readout Data via PDF Report
  • 100% IATA Compliant


    Product Type: PDF Data Logger
    Application Area: Cold Chain Monitoring – Applications with Stability Data or allowed Time/Temperature Excursions
    Use: Single Use
    Type of Probe: Internal Temperature/Humidity Probe
    Measurement Parameters: Temperature
    Measurement Interval: 1 to 60 Minutes (User Programmable)
    Readout: PDF Readout or Touchless (Bluetooth)
    Operating Range: -30 °C..+70 °C
    Measurement Accuracy:

    The LIBERO CS is the most accurate data logger amongst its peers and features a guaranteed accuracy of ± 0.4°C in the core range of 0.0°C to 25.0°C. The typical accuracy (95% of all LIBEROs) is even better with ± 0.3°C in the core range.

    • Accuracy over full temperature range:
    • ± 0.4°C from 0.0°C to + 25.0°C
    • ± 0.5°C from - 10.0°C to - 0.1°C as well as + 25.1°C to + 50.0°C
    • ± 1.0°C from - 30.0°C to - 10.1°C as well as + 50.1°C to + 70.0°C
    Memory Capacity: 24,200 Measurement Values
    Programmable Alarms:
    • 8 Temperature Alarm Levels with Single or Cumulative Delays
    • 2 Temperature Thresholds with Alarm Delay
    • Alarm on MKT
    • Alarm on Duration/Run Time
    Certificate: Ilac/NIST/ISO17025
    Material: ABS Plastic
    Certifications: CE | EN12830 | EMC | RTCA DO-160 | RoHS | WHO-PQS | Safe Transport of Chemical Goods
    Data Logger Configuration and Analysis Software: liberoCONFIG and SmartStart software to create, store and manage individual settings in a settings profile. liberoMANAGER database as cloud service to store shipment reports and results, analyse shipments, manage release status and trigger customer specific workflows in cold chain processes. elproVIEWER software to access and export embedded data of PDF report, for data analysis and comprehensive report features (for users not using liberoMANAGER).

    Technical Specification LIBERO CS