LIBERO ITS (Box of 400)
LIBERO ITS (Box of 400)
LIBERO ITS (Box of 400)

LIBERO ITS (Box of 400)


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  • Multi-level PDF Indicator with internal probe
  • Measuring range -30 °C..+70 °C
  • Different Pre-Configurations Available
  • Read-out possibility via Smartphone App
  • Generates PDF with alarm statistics for expiry date Management
  • Indicator = No Graph
  • Delivered in boxes of 400 pieces
  • Note: Min. Order Quantity 3,200 Pieces
  • Note: Production only after order is placed - 3 Months Leadtime!


    Product Type: PDF Indicator with Multiple Alarm Levels
    Application Area: Cold Chain Monitoring without need for Temperature Graph or Tabular Data
    Recording Options and Mode: Single Use - Start/Stop Mode
    Measurement Parameters: Temperature (Internal)
    Operating Range: -30°C...+70°C
    Measurement Accuracy:

    ±0.5 °C in the core range of -10 °C to +50 °C Typical accuracy (95 % of all indicators) ±0.4 °C in the core range of -10 °C to +50 °C.

    • Accuracy outside core temperature range:
    • ±1.0 °C from -30.0 °C to -10.1 °C as well as +50.1 °C to +70.0 °C
    Life Time: Up to 4 Years
    Measurement Interval: 1 Minute
    Battery Type: Button cell contained in equipment, UN3091, exempt from DGR declaration
    Certificate: Ilac / NIST / ISO 17025 traceable production calibration certificate
    Material: Metal Housing
    Certifications: CE | EN12830 | WEEE | RoHS | RTCA D-160 (EMC) | UN 38.3 | Safe Transport of Chemical Goods
    Indicator Configuration and Additional Analysis Software: Indicators with ELPRO defined standard configuration and label. Customer-specific configuration and hardware options for larger quantities. Wireless read-out of statistics possible with Smartphone app. liberoMANAGER database as cloud service to store shipment reports and results, analyze shipments, manage release status and trigger customer specific workflows in cold chain processes.

    Technical Specification LIBERO ITS