Multi-level and multi-use PDF Logger with USB and Bluetooth® interface

LIBERO CE is the ideal multi-use PDF Logger to simplify storage and shipment process for products with known stability data. It covers a wide measurement range from -200 °C to +400 °C and monitors temperature of cell and drug deliveries with cryogenic containers, dry ice or other applications using an external Pt100 probe.

Supporting up to eight temperature alarm zones, MKT and duration as alarm criteria – LIBERO CE allows you to create temperature profiles for individual products. In addition, you have the option to switch the alarming function off and on again if alarming criteria is required. This can be useful in cases where a transportation box has been cleaned or liquid nitrogen has been refilled in a cryogenic container.

LIBERO CE is reconfigurable and reusable for up to 14 months. The external Pt100 probe and M8 connector enables reliable, superior temperature data transfer to the data logger. Up to 75’500 temperature values can be stored on the data logger.

LIBERO CE can be ordered with an optional stainless steel bracket. Release products with confidence based on the OK or ALARM status on the display and download the PDF report via the convenient USB interface without any additional software being required.

Product type: Datalogger
Logger/module type: PDF-Logger
Probe type: for external Pt100 temperature probe
Typical application area: Transport
Measurement parameters: Temperature
Measurement  temperature range: -200 °C .. +400 °C
Usage: Multiple Use
Alarm: 8 alarm zones, MKT and Duration
Connectivity: USB and Bluetooth® interface
Life time: up to 14 months - 2 years
Memory capacity: 75'500 measuring values per logger
Validation certificate

External probe available here.

You may download the LIBERO Cx App below on:
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Technical Specifications
Operational Manual
Production Calibration Certificate

More information about the product and Frequently asked Questions are available in our Support Knowledge Base.

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